Traditional Full Grain Wooden Snowshoes

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Traditional Wooden Snowshoes

Full-Grain Leather
These leathers are the most-desirable, best-looking and most expensive. As compared to other leather types, top and full-grain leathers are stronger, wear better over time, and have a richer color. You will be able to see the natural animal hide markings in the grain of these leathers. These markings make each piece unique. Belting leather is one of the best, most-durable types of full-grain leather.

Split Grain Leather
Many popular, discount snowshoes are made from split grain leather, a type of leather that is usually priced substantially below full-grain leather. It’s called split leather because it is the layer which remains after the top layer of a hide is split off for more expensive uses.  Split leather goods will not show the natural markings of the hide. They sometimes undergo a surface treatment that simulates the natural grain. In addition, the split leather is usually stained in way to simulate the color of a top-grain leather.

We only use FULL GRAIN rawhide strips!

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